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Photographer in Paris

Tell Your Own Story With Pictures

Candid, street photography

photography services

pick a photoshoot that suits you the best


Short photoshoot

Quick photo session in your desired place in Paris. Best if you want just a few images!
30 minutes/10 HQ images


Photo story

Photoshoot in one main location in Paris. Lets capture your best memories!
1 hour/30 HQ images


Story of Paris

Photoshoot in two locations to tell a full story of your time in the city of love.
2 hours/55 HQ images


Welcome to Paris

There is something special about Paris that inspires one to smile for no reason, dance in the middle of the street and laugh louder. Something that makes one love stronger and feel young. There is some strange traction that causes one to buy a bag of baguettes, drive a bicycle in the rain and sit by the river in the middle of winter.

There is no other city that will make You feel so elegant and act so foolish at the same time. Where You feel like a mature adult and a silly kid at once.

And that is what makes Paris one of a kind. A city that one will always remember with fondness and warmth.


Photography services In Paris



Get gorgeous photos of your secret proposal or honeymoon in Paris. Or maybe you getting married here? Let’s do it!


Couple photoshoot

Romantic and stylish images of your time in Paris with your loved one, 



Best locations in the city on your instagram feed.  Day or night, stunning images is a must have for a trip in Paris



Eiffel Tower

Definitely the most famous spot and almost an obligation to pose with when in Paris. It is a good location at any time of day (or night) and at any weather. A safe choice for a classic Parisian shoot


Louvre Museum

The place is not only known for precious art, but also for it’s beautiful, unusual setting. The mix of a Renaissance pavilion and modern pyramids make a perfect consonance for any type of photoshoot



Without a doubt the most romantic location for a photoshoot. Little charming streets and hidden passages will reveal real Parisian spirit of one of the cosiest art districts of the city



Paris fashion fever

There is a reason why Paris is called “The Capital of Fashion”. Fashion weeks, worldly famous brand names, glamorous shopping centres, best fashion schools and specialists, celebrity appearances.. No matter…

About photographer

My name is Žilvinas Majauskas, easier remembered as Zhilvi. I was born in a little country near the Baltic Sea called Lithuania, and spent majority of my life there. That is where I started my career in photography and pursued it for almost 10 years. It wasn’t until recently that I found a new home in the city of lights – Paris.

I have been exploring the hidden treasures of Paris for four years now, and the city keeps having new surprises to offer every day. In all truth – it is a photographer’s paradise.

And that is why I am determined to help people bring a part of Paris home with them. I am in a constant search of new places, ideas and locations to create perfect and unique sets for every taste. If you are ready to tell your Paris story, let’s get to work!

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