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Paris fashion fever

There is a reason why Paris is called “The Capital of Fashion”. Fashion weeks, worldly famous brand names, glamorous shopping centres, best fashion schools and specialists, celebrity appearances.. No matter the season or time, there is always something here that can fulfil the deepest and darkest desires of a fashionista. However, summer is the season when people tend to set their inner divas free the most. And be careful, it can be contagious.

The “Fashion Fever” in Paris starts in the end of spring, when the weather gets warmer and the sun is finally out. Boring grey and black sweaters of the rainy season go back to the furthest corners of the closets and heavy coats are returned to the hangers for the hibernation. The waking nature with a wide color range of bright tones and light flowery scents is a great source of inspiration for people, exhausted form cloudy days and constant dampness. This is when one can see the weirdest combinations, brightest colors and craziest designs, whether following high fashion standards or just Your own imagination.

Paris itself, of course, is the base of this whole fashion diffusion. The beauty of the City of Lights is so ennobling, that want it or not, you become a part of it. You become a part of the laughs in the streets, steps on the dance floor and cigarette smokes next to a cup of morning coffee. A part that is maybe wearing a cowboy hat with a green suit or a silver lipstick and white hair that adds the city that certain peculiarity, making this place so special and loved. After all, it is the people who make the city. It is us, who make fashion.

– Paris photographer

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